Friday, August 22, 2014

Toyworld TW-D01 Roar Combiner Team Figure Homage to Dinobot Snarl

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The first in a series of dino figures from Toyworld is Roar the Stegosaurus! Although not shown, based on TW’s prior pictures it is teased that these figures will combine with the other dino figures in the series and the first figure Roar will be out soon! Set for a September release

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TFC Reveal Downsized Hercules Combiner - 60 Percent Smaller Figure

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TFC Toys recently showed off the prototype for a downsized version of their Hercules combiner (not Devastator). This figure seems to be about 60% the size of the original, which would stand about 9 inches tall (the Generation 1 Devastator is 8 inches tall). According to people at TFC Toys this figure will be slightly simplified, but all the robots still transform, and their combiner ports are now based on those of Power Core Combiners!credit(s)TFormers

TFC Toys Star Rescue Team Dinosaur Combiners Age of Extinction Edition!

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Looking for a new Age of Extinction dino-combiner team? TFC Toys Star Rescue Team is up for preorder.

Prof. Heisenberg Royal Arsenal MMC Feralcon Upgrade Kit ( not G1 Predacon Guns)

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