Sunday, September 7, 2014

G1 Toy Ad: Terrorcons/Abominus and Technobots/Computron


Man i just found this great toy ad commercial for the G1 Technobots/Computron which is my all time favorite combiner. I have just completed my G1 Computron, he is a very awesome combiner for sure, enjoy this classic commercial.

Sirtoys TFC Star Cats Deluxe Star Rescue Team Not Defensor vid review



Sirtoys TFC Star Rescue Team Dino Team Combiner vid review



New Bold Forms WildFire Render Image From Not-Menasor Project

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Bold Forms have posted a new render image from ther Not-Menasor project. Here is a look at "WildFire" from the Bold Forms Facebook page. Obviously he's not

New Preorders MMC's Feral Rex R-07 Felisaber - "Surveillant"

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FERAL REX R-07 FELISABER - SURVEILLANT - This yellow sabre-toothed tiger can change into a robot, and also merges with the other Feral Rex figures to create Feral Rex Ultimate Mode! He stands 7.25" tall, now up for preorder!